Sunday, 23 September 2007

PhotoHunt 76 - Paper

This week's has paper as its theme and my goodness there's a lot of paper to picture!
Here's a wee snippet of the types of paper I came across during the week.

Junk mail!

McDonald's paper...
Chinese paper men.

And last, but not least... Paper lanterns

I'm sure there was MUCH more, but my week's been rather hectic, so this'll have to do for now.

What's in your This picture shows this week's PAPER junk mail. It is disgusting to think how much this week?


m.o.M. said...

I love the paper men. The junk mail makes me crazy here too! What a waste .
Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics!

Paulie said...

All good for this theme but my favorite by far are the paper men too! I have never seen any like them.

Come and see mine.

A. said...

Junk mail, I hadn't thought of that! We are deluged with the stuff! Love the little men!

tiny london said...

Thank you for your comments. Wait until you see this week's entry...