Sunday, 7 October 2007

PhotoHunt 77 - Original

Years ago one of the family favourite films in this household was Hairspray. We must have had it on video and wore the tape out. Some years back I tried to get a new copy, but had no luck. It was no longer in "print". It had gone out of fashion!

Imagine my joy, when I heard that the film was being remade, nearly 20 years on from the premiere.

Suddenly obtaining a dvd copy of the original seemed like a realistic idea, so I went to the Virgin store and didn't even have to look for it. It was sitting on the rack right in front of my eyes, begging me to purchase it.

Off course, I did, and now I have TWO Hairspray movies to watch. If the new one is just half as funny as the original, that's good enough for me!

That's my entry for ahemmm... last week's ... What was yours, I wonder?

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